DSL has a collective experience base that is rare to find in todays contracting force. We have specifically trained our supervision and field crews to be adept at the range of challenges from public utilities and complicated infrastructure work to institutional and commercial buildings. We’re not a volume builder –  we take our time in concentrating on the challenges and ‘fitting it all together’. Whether we are building new domestic water pump stations, fueling facilities, retail and industrial uses, or learning institutions – our project team from managers and superintendents thru the field trades will have a unique and highly skilled array of experience. SEE THE PROJECTS

Deep Six

The mariner definition of ‘Deep Six’ is the point at which any objects dropped overboard become difficult, if not impossible, to retrieve.  Deep Six defines Darren Funk and our in-water team.  If the project enters the realm of difficult if not impossible to construct – the project falls to our ‘Deep Six’ team.  Darren has spent more than two decades resolving some of the most complicated marine challenges in the Northwest waters.  Whether we are improving fish populations by modifying fish facilities, replacing 600,000 lb spillway gates to improve fish passage, or decommissioning 60 year old dams – we have the experience, industry connections and intellectual resources to solve the most complex of marine challenges. SEE THE PROJECTS

Cool & Unusual

Why we do what we do is not always driven by logic – nor by common sense.   But one of the fundamental features of our company is to tackle projects and provide a constructive resolution to unique challenges.  While some GC’s run to the protection of their inner-city markets – we run to the drawing board.    Whether it involves building at 7000’ elevation, packing 12 miles into the wilderness or hanging off ropes 80’ above ground to salvage storm-damaged lookouts – our people have the fortitude and skill to provide solutions well outside the comfort-zone of the mainstream contracting firms. SEE THE PROJECTS